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Section: Software

Keywords : Flexible Compilation, Eclipse, OSGi.


Participant : Ludovic L'Hours [ contact ] .

Gecos can be seen as an evolution of CALIFE (Vincent Messé and François Charot [8] ) where a compilation flow is built from simple transformation tasks. In Gecos tasks are assembled using a simple script language: variables carry data (intermediate representation, profiling data, etc.) and functions call transformations. This simple language allows to easily create or customize compilation flows. Gecos is developed using OSGi plugins and Eclipse extension framework which ease the installation and the development of new transformation and analysis tasks. The platform is in active development but it already contains many transformations of a standard modern compiler (C frontend, SSA transformation, code selector, register allocator, etc.). It was successfully used as a base of a research project in custom instruction set generation.

Find more information on its dedicated web page .


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