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Section: Software

Keywords : circuit design, architecture synthesis, low-power consumption, placement.


Participants : Daniel Chillet [ contact ] , S├ębastien Pillement, Olivier Sentieys.

The BSS (Breizh Synthesis System ) software platform for circuit design proposes a set of tools for the capture of application description (in VHDL or in C), the compilation, the simulation and the synthesis of architecture.

The platform is currently composed of the following modules.

BOOST (Breizh Object Oriented Synthesis Tools) is an evolution of the BSS platform whose main objective is to facilitate the integration of new modules in the synthesis flow.

A global XML application defines the module list and the installation location. For each module, an XML application defines how the module has to be described to be included in the Boost platform. Several simple synthesis steps have been included in Boost. This platform was used as a demonstrator for the OSGAR project during the RNTL days in October 2004 in Rennes. Boost is developed in Java language and can be installed on solaris, windows or linux platforms.

To know some more, contact Daniel Chillet.


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