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Section: Software

Keywords : architecture synthesis, CAD, ASIC, functional programming, data parallelism, polyhedral computation.


Participants : Patrice Quinton [ contact ] , Tanguy Risset [ CompSys, INRIA Rhône-Alpes ] .

The polyhedral Polylib library, developed in C, is an open source library of calculation on convex polyhedron. It was initially developed by Hervé Le Verge and Doran Wilde at INRIA Rennes. It is today maintained and developed with the LIP (ENS Lyon) and the ICPS (university of Strasbourg). The handling of the domains used in the recurrence equations or spaces of indices described by nested loops justifies the use of such a library. This library is currently used (independently of mma lpha) by several research organizations (in England, the United States, the Netherlands, and in France).

To know some more, refer to or contact Patrice Quinton.


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