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Section: Other Grants and Activities

International bilateral relations


Comap project: collaboration with Germany

Participants : Julien Lallet, Sébastien Pillement, Olivier Sentieys.

The CoMap project ( ) deals with the systematic mapping, evaluation, and exploration of massively parallel processor architectures that are designed for special purpose applications in the world of embedded computers.

This is a French-German project with several teams from the both countries:

The investigated class of computer architectures can be described by massively parallel networked processing elements that, using today's hardware technology, may be implemented on a single chip (SoC - System on a Chip).

Other european collaboration

R2D2 cooperates with the University of Leiden in the Netherlands (Ed Deprettere) on parallel architecture synthesis.

R2D2 cooperates with UCL at Louvain-La-Neuve on the topic of ternary technology integrated circuits. A prototype circuit has been developed with the SOI technology of the micro-electronics laboratory (DICE of UCL).

R2D2 cooperates with Lund University (Sweden) on Constraints Programming approach application in the reconfigurable data-paths synthesis flow.

R2D2 cooperates with the university of Girona in Spain (Computer Vision and Robotic Group of the Institute for Informatics and Applications) on parallel architectures for vision algorithms applied to underwater robot.


R2D2 cooperates with ENIT in Tunis on the topic of mobile telecommunication architectures.

R2D2 cooperates with the university of Antanarivo and the Polytechnic Superior School of Antananarivo in Madagascar, for the training of faculty members.

North America

R2D2 maintains relations with the computer science department of the University of Colorado State in Fort-Collins on the development of mma lpha.

R2D2 cooperates with the LSSI laboratory of Trois-Rivières university in Québec, on the design of architectures for filters.

R2D2 cooperates with Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA) on optimized reconfigurable architectures implementations for low-level image processing.

R2D2 cooperates with the University of California, Riverside, on optimized image processing applications synthesis.

R2D2 cooperates with the LRTS laboratory of Laval university in Québec on the topic of architectures for MIMO systems.


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