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Section: Other Grants and Activities

National projects



The goal of this protocol is to develop new security protocols for adhoc networks. The partners are Eurecom and INRIA.


(2006-2007): The Planète group is involved in the OSCAR RNRT project which aims at studying the attacks against P2P overlays and their impact on the underlying network infrastructure. This work is going in three parts: (1) in the first part, we perform an extensive study of the state-of-the-art on attacks in P2P networks and more precisely in BitTorrent; (2) In the second part, we are studyin a new attack, namely the sybil attack, which was already proposed in the context of improving the performances of cheaters and not in the context of attacking the overlay. The basic idea of such an attack is to breakdown the torrent by introducing free riders. First of all, free riders will occupy partially the available upload capacity at the seeds. Moreover, when having many free riders as neighbours, a node will have fewer sources for the pieces it needs and consequently, it will spend more time to download the file; (3) In the third part, we are showing the danger that BitTorrent can present on the network infrastructure. We want to evaluate how the BitTorrent traffic can be redirected in such a way to increase significantly the load on some specific links and by how much this can harm the underling network.

The project started in April 2006. It involves teams from both academy and industry, such as LAAS, LIP6, France Telecom, Mitsubishi, ENS Lyon and ENST Bretagne.


(2006-2008): The Planète group participates to the Divine ANR project on video transmission over wireless heterogeneous receivers. The project has started in July 2006 and involves teams from both industry and academy as Thales, France Télécom R&D, ETIS, ENST Paris, L2S, LIP6 and the research center of French Museums C2RMF-UMR171. Our first study concerns the evaluation and improvement of multicast transmission mechanism of multimedia streams over IEEE 802.11 WLANs, see 2 .


(2006): The goal of this project is to study chaotic behaviors in computer networks. The partners are INRIA, INLN and Allot.


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