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Section: Software

Prototype Software

Intrumentation of BitTorrent


We have instrumented one of the most popular BitTorrent client in order to perform an experimental evaluation of the protocol. This instrumentation allows to log each message sent or received, and internal state of the protocol. This is the first (and only one to the date of this report) complete instrumentation of a BitTorrent client. This is a fundamental step toward the understanding of the dynamics of BitTorrent in reality. The first results obtained with this client were published in IMC'2006 [26] , the best international conference on measurements. This instrumented client was publicly released in September 2006 and is available at: . To the date of this report this client was downloaded by the community 66 times. This instrumentation was done by Arnaud Legout.

Manet key distribution protocol


We developed a prototype software of a new key distribution protocol for adhoc networks.


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