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Section: Overall Objectives

Keywords : Operating systems, networking, client-server model, telephony, communication services, language design, program analysis and transformation, specialization, compilation, domain analysis and engineering.


The phoenix group aims to develop principles, techniques and tools for the development of communication services . To address the requirements of this domain, the scope of our research comprises the key elements underlying communication services: the infrastructure that enables communication to be set up (e.g., signalling platform, transport protocols, and session description); the software architecture underlying services (e.g., the client-server model, programming interfaces, and the notion of service logic); and, communication terminals (e.g., terminal features and embedded systems).

Our approach covers three key aspects of the area of communication services: (1) definition of new Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs), using programming language technology to enable the specification of robust services; (2) study of the layers underlying communication services to improve flexibility and performance; (3) application to concrete areas to validate our approach.


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