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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

Ambient Intelligence For The Networked Home Environment (IP6 Amigo)

Participants : Laurent Burgy, Charles Consel, Fabien Latry, Nicolas Palix, Laurent Réveillère.

The Amigo project will focus on the usability of a networked home system by developing open, standardized, interoperable middleware. The developed middleware will guarantee automatic dynamic configuration of the devices and services within this home system by addressing autonomy and composability aspects. The second focus of the Amigo project will be on improving the end-user attractiveness of a networked home system by developing interoperable intelligent user services and application prototypes. The Amigo project will further support interoperability between equipment and services within the networked home environment by using standard technology when possible and by making the basic middleware (components and infrastructure) and intelligent user services available as open source software together with architectural rules for everyone to use.

Our work in the Amigo project is based on our DSL paradigm for protocol-based service families, presented in Section. We aim to develop DSLs for service creation. Indeed, the area of networked home systems, targetted by Amigo, relies on protocols for families of services (e.g., SIP, Session Announcement protocol, and Delivery Multimedia Framework). Furthermore, the underlying software architecture in this area relies on a client-server model. This situation should give us an opportunity to further illustrate our approach to making servers DSL-programmable.


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