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Section: Software

Keywords : telephony, SIP, services creation, semantic verifications.

Telephony software - A graphical telephony service creation workshop and its application server

Participants : Charles Consel, Laurent Réveillère, Laurent Burgy, Fabien Latry [ correspondent ] , Nicolas Palix.

To ease the development of telephony services, a DSL known as SPL (Session Processing Language) has been designed and implemented. This language offers domain-specific constructs and extensions that abstract over the intricacies of the underlying technologies. To enable non-programmers to define services, a graphical telephony service creation workshop has been developed, as well as its corresponding execution environment. This software offers intuitive visual constructs and menus that permit users to quickly develop a wide variety of services ranging from simple redirection to agenda dependent call handling. The whole architecture also enables semantic properties to be verified. Examples of errors detected in services include call loss, incorrect state transitions, and unbounded resource usage.


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