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Section: Application Domains

Keywords : telecommunications, multimedia, adaptation, streaming.

Multimedia Streaming Services

Mobility and wireless networks pose a major challenge to media delivery: how does one mass-deliver media while at the same time personalizating it to account for diverse needs such as multiple heterogeneous rendering terminals, user requirements, network bandwidth, etc. Such personalization involves transcoding and transforming multimedia resources along the image chain.

To do so, various treatments, commonly supported by hardware, are gradually being shifted to software, to face unpredictable needs. On the one hand, this shift helps to keep pace with the rapidly evolving domain of media delivery. On the other hand, it imposes very high-performance requirements for treatments that were earlier hardware supported. As a consequence, developing a streaming application often involves low-level programming, critical memory management, and finely tuned scheduling of processing steps.

To address these problems, we have designed and implemented a DSL, named Spidle , for specifying streaming applications [22] . Our approach consists in


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