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Section: Application Domains

Keywords : telecommunications, multimedia, adaptation, SIP.

Telephony Services

IP telephony materializes the convergence between telecommunications and computer networks. This convergence is dramatically changing the face of the telecommunications domain moving from proprietary, closed platforms to distributed systems based on network protocols. In particular, a telephony platform is based on a client-server model and consists of a signalling server that implements a particular signalling protocol (e.g., the Session Initiation Protocol [19] ). A signalling server is able to perform telephony-related operations that include resources accessible from the computer network, such as Web resources, databases...This evolution brings a host of new functionalities to the domain of telecommunications. Such a wide spectrum of functionalities enables Telephony to be customized with respect to preferences, trends and expectations of ever demanding users. These customizations critically rely on a proliferation of telephony services. In fact, introducing new telephony services is facilitated by the open nature of signalling servers, as shown by all kinds of servers in distributed systems. However, in the context of telecommunications, such evolution should lead service programming to be done by non-expert programmers, as opposed to developers certified by telephony manufacturers. To make this evolution worse, the existing techniques to program server extensions (e.g., Common Gateway Interface [18] ) are rather low level, involves crosscutting expertises (e.g., networking, distributed systems, and operating systems) and requires tedious session management. These shortcomings make the programming of telephony services an error-prone process, jeopardizing the robustness of a platform.

We are developing a DSL, named SPL (Session Processing Language ), aimed to ease the development of telephony services without sacrificing robustness.


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