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Section: Software

Keywords : Cluster federation, grid, transparent data sharing service, high availability, P2P (peer to peer, p2p), resource discovery, resource allocation, application monitoring.


Participants : Emmanuel Jeanvoine, Christine Morin, Louis Rilling, Thomas Ropars.


Christine Morin,


Under development


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Vigne is a prototype of a grid-aware system for grids, whose goal is to ease the use of computing resources in a grid for executing distributed applications. Vigne is made up of a set of operating system services based on a peer-to-peer infrastructure. This infrastructure currently implements a structured overlay network inspired from Pastry  [95] and an unstructured overlay network inspired from Scamp  [79] for join operations. On top of the structured overlay network, a transparent data sharing service based on the sequential consistency model has been implemented. It is able to handle an arbitrary number of simultaneous reconfigurations. An application execution management service has also been implemented including resource discovery, resource allocation and application monitoring services.

The Vigne prototype has been developed in C and includes 39,000 lines of code. This prototype has been coupled with a discrete-event simulator. The use of this simulator enabled to evaluate the Vigne system in systems composed of a large number of nodes. In 2006, the Vigne system has been experimented on several sites of the Grid 5000 platform and in the framework of the SALOME open source integration platform for numerical simulation ( ) at EDF R&D.


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