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Section: Overall Objectives

Advanced programming models for the Grid

Till now, research activities related to the grid have focused on the design and implementation of middleware and tools to experiment grid infrastructure with applications. Little attention has been paid to programming models suitable for such widely computing infrastructures. Programming such infrastructures is still done at a very low level. This situation may somehow be compared to using assembly language to program complex processors. Our objective is to study approaches for grid programming that do not expose the architectural details of the computing infrastructure to the programmers. More specifically, we are considering unconventional approach based on the chemical reaction paradigm, and more precisely the Gamma ModelĀ [76] .

Gamma is based on multiset rewriting. The unique data structure in Gamma is the multiset (a set than can contain several occurrences of the same element), which can be seen as a chemical solution . A simple program is a set of rules Reactioncondition$ \rightarrow$Action . Execution proceeds, without any explicit order, by replacing elements in the multiset satisfying the reaction condition by the products of the action (chemical reaction ). The result is obtained when a stable state is reached, that is, when no more reactions applies. Our objective is to express the coordination of Grid components or services through a set of rules, while the multiset represents the services that have to be coordinated.


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