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Section: Other Grants and Activities

International bilateral grants



In 2005 we started a 2-year collaboration with Indranil Gupta's team from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (UIUC). Indranil Gupta visited the PARIS Research Group for one week in June 2006. We worked on alternative techniques for P2P management of large-scale groups and we defined an application-driven peer-to-peer overlay. This work has been published at SRDS [40] .

Rutgers University, USA.

We have collaborated with the Discolab Research Team leaded by Liviu Iftode at Rutgers University in the framework of the Phenix Associated Team funded by Inria since January 2005. We investigate the design of a novel, highly-available cluster architecture based on the concept of remote healing . Benoît Boissinot, a Master student from ENS Lyon, performed his Master internship [56] in the Paris Project-Team on distributed system monitoring and failure diagnosis using co-operative virtual backdoors in the framework of the Phenix Associated Team. He spent 10 weeks at Rutgers University in the period February–April 2006. Christine Morin and Pascal Gallard visited Rutgers University in April 2006 (two days). Liviu Iftode visited Irisa for two days in June 2006 and attended Benoît Boissinot's internship defense at ENS Lyon. The second Phenix Workshop on Global Computing was organized at Irisa on December 7 and 8, 2006 ( ). Liviu Iftode and two of his students participated in this workshop.

Middle-East, Asia, Oceania


In 2006 we started a two-year bilateral collaboration with AIST (Tsukuba, Japon). The goal is to study interactions between the JuxMem grid data sharing service developed by the Paris Project-Team and the GFarm global file system developed at AIST. Then, one could build a common data sharing infrastructure providing the ability to share both RAM memory and secondary storage. Gabriel Antoniu and Loïc Cudennec visited the AIST team for one week in October 2006 and Osamu Tatebe (University of Tsukuba) visited the Paris Project-Team for one week in December 2006.


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