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Section: New Results

Experimental Grid Infrastructure

Participants : Yvon Jégou, David Margery, Pascal Morillon.

The Paris Project-Team manages an experimental computation platform dedicated to operating system, runtimes, middleware, grid and P2P research. This platform is now integrated in the nation-wide grid infrastructure Grid 5000 . At the end of 2005, our platform was made up of 66 dual Intel Xeon from Dell (January 2004), 33 dual Xserve G5 from Apple (September 2004), 66 dual AMD Opteron from Sun (October 2005), and 100 dual AMD Opteron from HP (November 2005). Our platform contains now more than the targeted 500 processors.

The interconnection of our platform to the other Grid 5000 platforms has been been upgraded during 2006 to use the Renater 4 infrastructure, enabling a 10 Gb/s interconnection to the other Grid 5000 sites. At this occasion, the topology of the local network has been simplified, each node being connected to the other ones through a non-blocking switch.

In 2006, we have also proceeded to initial tests to interconnect our experimental infrastructure to another experimental platform, DAS-3, located in The Netherlands. These tests are meant to prepare interconnection of all of the Grid 5000 sites to DAS-3 in 2007.

Year 2007 will also see the arrival of the first multi-core machines in our experimental platform. Our platform will also be used as a testbed for experiments originating from our partners of XtreemOS and in the CoreGRID Network o Excellence.


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