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Section: Other Grants and Activities

International initiatives


J. Blanchet, C. Bouveyron, F. Forbes and S. Girard are members of the Pascal Network of Excellence.

S. Girard is a member of the European project (Interuniversity Attraction Pole network) ``Statistical techniques and modelling for complex substantive questions with complex data'',

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S. Girard has also joint work with Prof. A. Nazin (Institute of Control Science, Moscow, Russia).

MISTIS is then involved in a European STREP proposal, named POP (Perception On Purpose) coordinated by Radu Horaud from INRIA team MOVI. The three-year project starts in January 2006. Its objective is to put forward the modelling of perception (visual and auditory) as a complex attentional mechanism that embodies a decision taking process. The task of the latter is to find a trade-off between the reliability of the sensorial stimuli (bottom-up attention) and the plausibility of prior knowledge (top-down attention). The MISTIS part and in particular the PhD work of Vasil Kalidhov is to contribute to the development of theoretical and algorithmic models based on probabilistic and statistical modelling of both the input and the processed data. Bayesian theory and hidden Markov models in particular will be combined with efficient optimization techniques in order to confront physical inputs and prior knowledge.

North Africa

S. Girard has joint work with M. El Aroui (ISG Tunis).

North America

F. Forbes has joint work with:

- C. Fraley (Univ. of Washington, USA)

- A. Raftery (Univ. of Washington, USA)


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