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Section: Overall Objectives

Overall Objectives

The Magique-3D project is presented jointly by two laboratories of University of Pau (Department of Applied Mathematics - LMA associated with CNRS, and Department of Modeling and Imaging in Geosciences - MIGP, also associated with CNRS). Gathering several researchers of different backgrounds in geophysics, physics, mathematics and scientific computing, the main purpose of this project is to establish a link between progress in high-resolution 3D scientific computing and various fields of geophysics. We wish on the one hand to develop sophisticated modeling tools (by integrating physical aspects of the phenomena under study) and to validate them in a rigorous way, and on the other hand to apply them to real cases of geophysical interest.

A first strength of this project is its intrinsically multi-disciplinary character. Moreover, the topics studied can lead to applications in fields other than seismology or seismic studies in the oil industry, for instance medical tomography, non destructive testing of materials or underwater acoustics.

A second strength of this project is that it is strongly related to the regional and national industrial environment, in particular regarding how to go from theoretical studies of relatively complex media to real applications of the methods developed for real cases encountered in the field. Our main industrial partner is Total , whose main research center is located in Pau. We develop strong collaborations with this petroleum company. The project could also establish links with the industrial valorization unit of University of Pau (ValUPPA), which would ensure close contacts between the researchers of the project and the PME/PMI (small and medium-size companies) of the region of Pau.

Since the Magique-3D team has been created (January 2005), its overall objectives have been reorganized to answer to numerous questions from its main industrial partner Total . At the end of 2006, the project is composed of two main topics that structure the original parts of the research activities of the group. The first topic, entitled `Depth Imaging', is related to modeling of seismic wave propagation in complex geological structures, taking into account underlying physical phenomena. The main part of our research program has been defined jointly by working groups composed of members of Magique-3D and of our main industrial partner Total . The second topic, that could be given the general title `Advanced modeling in wave propagation', is related to the realistic numerical simulation of complex three-dimensional geophysical phenomena and its comparison with real data recorded in the field. We also participate in different research programs that allow us to work on other aspects of scientific computing in the context of external collaborations.


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