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Section: New Results

Space-time mesh refinement for wave propagation in aeroacoustics

Participants : AbdelaĆ¢ziz Ezziani, Patrick Joly.

We are interested in space-time mesh refinement methods for wave propagation in aeroacoustics. We have developed a method which is appplicable to zero order perturbations of symmetric hyperbolic systems in the sense of Friedrichs ( Linearized Euler equations are of this type). The method is based on the one hand on the use of a conservative higher order discontinuous Galerkin approximation for space discretization and a finite difference scheme in time, on the other hand on appropriate discrete transmission conditions between the grids. We use a discrete energy techniques to drive the construction of the matching procedure between the grids and guarantee the stability condition. Moreover, under suitable geometrical conditions on the grids, this method is fully explicit.


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