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Section: New Results

Document Database Querying through Heterogeneous Resources

Participant : Joseph Roumier.

An increasing amount of domain-specific knowledge is being harvested for building domain-specific ontologies and terminologies. Document management systems have much to gain from these resources, collaboratively with meta-data and annotation. Based on a three-level architecture (from top to bottom: User-Interface, Access-Points and Document Databases) a first implementation of such a system has been built for the European project PROTEUS-ITEA, whose objective was to set a framework for distributed industrial e-maintenance.

With the aim of specifying an unified documentation query language based both on the described framework and on data models of the resources, the focus has been set on modeling these resources – terminology, meta-data and documents – using OWL-DL. Immediate results of this approach include automated classification and validation of models using an inference engine.


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