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Section: New Results

Constraint-based Linguistic Analysis and Implementation

Participant : Jesse Tseng.

Major efforts are devoted to the precise description and formal analysis of linguistic phenomena from various languages in constraint-based grammatical frameworks, particularly Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar, HPSG. Theoretical results for the analysis of the French prepositional forms à and de are presented in [13] . An HPSG analysis of prepositional passives (or ``pseudopassive'' constructions) in English is proposed in [47] . Results from an ongoing comparative study of compound verb constructions across the Slavic languages are reported in [46] .

Insights from theoretical work on French are incorporated into La Grenouille, the HPSG-style French resource grammar implemented using the LKB grammar and lexicon development platform. The latest versions of this grammar were presented at meetings of the international consortium DELPH-IN in Fefor, Norway, and at the Workshop on Large-scale Grammar Development and Grammar Engineering in Haifa, Israel (both in June 2006). Major developments for this year included the incorporation of richer phonemic representations and mechanisms for handling phonological information, with a view to eventual interaction with speech-based resources and applications. This work, like Claire Gardent's work on the LADL tables, is intended to increase the number of resources available for creating large-scale grammars for French.


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