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HyLoRes, a Resolution Based Theorem Prover for Hybrid Logics

HyLoRes [51] , [52] is a resolution based theorem prover for hybrid logics (it is complete for the hybrid language H(@,Im1 $\#8595 $ ), a very expressive but undecidable language, and it implements a decision method for the sub-language H(@)). It implements a version of the ``given clause'' algorithm which is the underlying framework of many current state of the art resolution-based theorem provers for first-order logic; and uses heuristics of order and selection functions to prune the search on the space of possible clauses.

The interest of HyLoRes is twofold: on one hand it is the first mature theorem prover for hybrid languages, and on the other, it is the first modern resolution-based prover for modal-like languages implementing optimisations and heuristics like order resolution with selection functions.

We have recently extended the prover to handle also inverse operators and transitive relations. Our short term goal is to be able to deal with hybrid inference on models for linear time, so that HyLoRes can be used as inference module in other LED's projects which are involved with the extraction and consistency checking of temporal information.

For comparison, and to better test HyLoRes, we have developed an optimized satisfiability preserving translation from H(@,Im1 $\#8595 $ ) into first-order logics [37] . Such a translation enables us to compare HyLoRes with state of the art resolution-based theorem provers.

HyLoRes is implemented in Haskell (ca. 3500 lines of code), and compiled with the Glasgow Haskell compiler .

Version: 2.1

License: GPL

Web site:


Authors: Carlos Areces, Daniel Gorín, and Juan Heguiabehere (from the University of Buenos Aires)

Contact: Carlos Areces


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