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Section: Other Grants and Activities

National Initiatives


Participants : Laurence Duchien, Anne-Françoise Le Meur, Frédéric Loiret, Ales Plsek, Lionel Seinturier.

REVE (safe Reuse of Embedded components in heterogeneous enVironmEnts) is a 3-year project funded by the ARA SI (Sécurité, Systèmes embarqués et Intelligence Ambiante) program of the ANR. Five partners are involved: CEA, CNAM, INRETS, INRIA and INSA. The objective of the project is to define a component model, a type system and an execution platform for context-aware embedded applications [30] . Lionel Seinturier is the scientific leader of this project.


Participants : Philippe Merle, Lionel Seinturier, Renaud Pawlak, Nicolas Pessemier.

This 2-year project is funded by the INRIA Cooperative Research Initiative (ARC) whose partners are the PARIS, SCALAPLIX and Jacquard Project-Teams. The objective is to design an experimental platform allowing dynamic adaptation and steering of distributed numerical simulation applications using aspect weaving techniques on top of component models.


Participants : Laurence Duchien, Guillaume Dufrêne, Anne-Françoise Le Meur, Lionel Seinturier, Guillaume Waignier.

FAROS (composition de contrats pour la Fiabilité d'ARchitectures Orientées Services) is a RNTL project involving EDF R&D, France Télécom, Alicante, IRISA, I3S and LIFL. This project addresses issues related to the safe integration of services in service-oriented architectures. The overall goal of this project is to provide a methodology to guide and automate the different tasks involved in the integration process, thus enabling the integration process to become reproducible. Our approach will be based on the definition of contracts, which will allow static and dynamic verifications to be performed. The feasibility of our approach will be demonstrated through the development of three dynamic and constrained applications (Health, Education, Electricity).

The project has started in January 2006 and is scheduled for a 36-months period. A first deliverable , a state of the art on contracts and service composition, has been produced [49] .


Participants : Nicolas Dolet, Philippe Merle, Romain Rouvoy.

JOnES is a 24-months ANR RNTL project started in January 2006 and involving INRIA (ObjectWeb, Sardes and Jacquard teams), EBM WebSourcing, ENSTIMAC, France Telecom R&D, Open Wide, and ScalAgent Distributed Technologies.

The goal of this project is to design and develop an open source distributed Enterprise Software Bus (ESB) infrastructure based on the Java Business Integration (JBI) specification and implemented with the Fractal component model. The major innovation of JOnES is to propose a new distributed open framework for ESB based on the interconnection of JBI-compliant containers. The project results are distributed through the ObjectWeb PEtALS open source project (see ).

The main Jacquard contributions are: Fraclet as the Fractal programming model used to build PEtALS components, Fractal Deployment Framework (FDF) to deploy distributed PEtALS infrastructures and applications, and GoTM to build the PEtALS distributed transaction service.


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