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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

France Telecom

Participants : Laurence Duchien, Nicolas Pessemier, Lionel Seinturier.

This contract is a CRE ("Contrat de Recherche Externe") that takes place in the context of the "accord-cadre" between INRIA and France Telecom R&D. This is a 3-year contract that begun in October 2004. The scientific teams involved in the project are for INRIA, the Jacquard project-team, and for France Telecom R&D, the ASR/Polair department. The contract goal is to study and construct component- and aspect-based software architectures. The Fractal component model from France Telecom R&D and the JAC AOP framework from Jacquard form the background of this work. The expected result is a model (FAC for Fractal Aspect Component) that merges and unifies aspects and components. The PhD thesis work of Nicolas Pessemier is directly related to this contract.


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