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Section: Software

Keywords : Component-Based Middleware, CORBA Component Model.


Participants : Areski Flissi, Philippe Merle [ correspondant ] .

OpenCCM is a middleware platform for distributed applications based on CORBA components.

OpenCCM stands for the Open CORBA Component Model Platform: The first public available and open source implementation of the CORBA Component Model (CCM) specification defined by the Object Management Group (OMG). The CORBA Component Model (CCM) is the first vendor-neutral open standard for Distributed Component Computing seamlessly supporting various programming languages, operating systems, networks, CORBA products and vendors. The CCM is an OMG's specification for creating distributed, server-side scalable, component-based, language-neutral, transactional, multi-user and secure applications. Moreover, one CCM application can be deployed and run on several distributed nodes simultaneously.

OpenCCM allows users to design, implement, compile, package, assemble, deploy, install, instantiate, configure, execute, and manage distributed CORBA component-based applications. For these purposes, OpenCCM is composed of a set of tools, i.e., UML and OMG IDL model repositories, compilers, code generators, a graphical packaging and assembling tool, a distributed deployment infrastructure, extensible containers integrating various services (communication, monitoring, transaction, persistency, security, etc.), and a graphical management console.

OpenCCM is LGPL open source software available at .


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