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Section: Software

Keywords : Fractal Component-Based Software Framework, Graphical User Interface, Management Console.

Fractal Explorer

Participant : Philippe Merle [ correspondant ] .

Fractal Explorer is a generic Fractal component-based software framework to build Java-based graphical explorer and management consoles.

Fractal Explorer is composed of the Explorer Description Language, the plug-in programming interface, and the Fractal component-based explorer framework. The Explorer Description Language (a XML DTD) allows users to describe at a high level the configuration of graphical explorer consoles to build (i.e. icons, menu items and panels associated to resources to explore/manage) according to end-user roles. Reactions associated to these described graphical elements can be implemented by Java classes or BeanShell scripts which must be conform to the plug-in programming interface. Finally, the explorer framework implements the interpretation of explorer configurations and executes plug-in classes/scripts according to users' interactions. This framework is implemented as an extensible set of software components conform to the ObjectWeb Fractal component model defined by INRIA and France Telecom. Moreover a set of plug-ins is already provided to explore and manage any Java object or Fractal component.

Fractal Explorer is already reused and customized by our Apollon, FAC, GoTM, and OpenCCM software to provide respectively explorer consoles for XML documents, Fractal aspect components, component-based transaction services and CORBA objects/components.

Fractal Explorer is LGPL open source software available at .


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