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Section: Software

Keywords : Component-Based Programming, Attribute-Oriented Programming, Fractal.


Participants : Philippe Merle, Renaud Pawlak, Nicolas Pessemier, Romain Rouvoy [ correspondant ] .

Fraclet is an attribute-oriented programming model for developing reliable Fractal components.

Fraclet is both an implementation of the Fractal specifications conformed to the level 0.1, and an annotation framework for the Fractal component model. Fraclet is composed of eight annotations and five plugins to generate automatically various artifacts required by the Fractal component model. Annotations provide an abstract way to describe the component meta-information directly in the source code of the content class. Fraclet plugins generate either Fractal component glue, Fractal ADL definitions or Monolog configurations.

Two implementations of the Fraclet annotation framework exist: Fraclet-XDoc and Fraclet-Annotation.

Fraclet is used into several software projects based on the Fractal component model, i.e. the Jacquard team GoTM and Fractal Deployment Framework projects, the Denis Conan's COSMOS project, and the ObjectWeb PEtALS project (see ).

Fraclet is LGPL open source software available at .


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