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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

Alcatel Alenia Space

Participants : Jean-Daniel Boissonnat, Trung Nguyen.

In collaboration with P. Blanc and F. Falzon (Alcatel Alenia Space).

The goal of this study is to optimize pupil configurations for extended source imaging based on optical interferometry.

The motivation for this work comes from the observation of the Earth from a geostationary orbit (i.e. at a distance of Im10 ${\#8764 36000}$ km) with a resolution of 1 m. A simple calculus shows us that we would need a telescope having a diameter of approximately 20 m for an optical wavelength of Im11 ${\#8764 500}$ nm. Needless to say such an instrument dimension is not adapted to the observation from space and the use of interferometric telescopes (Optical Aperture Synthesis, OAS) is to be considered in this case. We pursue a geometric approach [42] .


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