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Section: Software

Web services

A web service for surface reconstruction

Participant : David Cohen-Steiner.

In collaboration with Frank Da and Andreas Fabri. .

The surface reconstruction algorithm developed by D. Cohen-Steiner and F. Da using cgal is available as a web service . Via the web, the user uploads the point cloud data set to the server and obtains a Vrml file of the reconstructed surface, which gets visualized in the browser of the user. This allows the user to check if the algorithm fits his/her needs, to learn how to adjust the parameters, before contacting Inria to obtain an executable. It also provides us with the opportunity to collect real-world data sets used for testing and improving our reconstruction algorithms.

Modeling macro-molecular interfaces

Participant : Frédéric Cazals.

As described in section 6.7.2 , we recently proposed an interface model of (macro-)molecular interfaces based upon power diagrams [23] . The corresponding software, Intervor , has been made available to the community from the web site . Our publication appeared in the September issue of Protein Science , yet, the server has been used about 200 times in July - August. To the best of our knowledge, this code is the only publicly available one for analyzing interfaces in complexes.


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