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Section: Dissemination

Participation in conferences and seminars

Participation in conferences

POPL: Principles of Programming Languages

(Charleston, USA, january).

Xavier Leroy presented [26] . Yann Régis-Gianas presented [28] . François Pottier attended.

PLAN-X: Workshop on Programming Language Technologies for XML

(Charleston, USA, january).

Alain Frisch presented [22] .

JFLA: Journées Francophones des Langages Applicatifs

(Pauillac, France, january).

Attended by Sandrine Blazy, Damien Doligez, and Michel Mauny.

ESOP: European Symposium on Programming

(Vienna, Austria, march).

Xavier Leroy presented [25] . Sandrine Blazy and Didier Rémy attended.

FRCSS: Workshop on Future Research Challenges for Software and Services

(Vienna, Austria, april).

Xavier Leroy presented [20] . Berke Durak attended.

RMLL: Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre

(Nancy, France, july).

Attended by Berke Durak and Xavier Leroy.

FM: Formal Methods symposium

(Hamilton, Canada, august).

Xavier Leroy presented [15] . Sandrine Blazy attended.

ICFP: Int. Conf. on Functional Programming

(Portland, USA).

Alain Frisch presented [21] . Michel Mauny and Nicolas Pouillard attended.

LPAR: Logic for Programming, Artificial Intelligence, and Reasoning

(Phnom Penh, Cambodia, November). Richard Bonichon presented [17] .

PARISTIC: Panorama des Recherches Incitatives en STIC

(Nancy, France, november).

Xavier Leroy presented an overview talk and a poster on the Compcert project.

Invitations and participation in seminars

Alain Frisch gave a talk on practical uses of the OCamlDuce langage during a visit at the Jane Street Capital company (New York). He presented his work on streaming XML transformation during a meeting of the Tralala ACI (XML Transformation Languages: logic and applications) in Marseille, in a seminar at the INRIA-Microsoft Joint Reserach Laboratory, and in the students' seminar at ENS Paris.

Alain Frisch presented his work on practical exact type-checking for macro-tree transducers in the seminar of the MOSTRARE group at INRIA Futurs (Lille) and in a seminar at the TUM technical university (Munich, three day visit).

Alain Frisch visited the Protheo group in LORIA (Nancy) and gave one talk about the CDuce language and another one about the theory of semantic subtyping underpinning this language.

Michel Mauny and Nicolas Pouillard visited Jim Grundy and John O'Leary at Intel's Strategic CAD Labs in Hillsboro.

François Pottier visited Andrew Pitts at the University of Cambridge, where he gave a talk.

Yann Régis-Gianas gave a talk about Menhir at PPS (U. Paris 7) and another talk about the design of programming languages for certified software at LRI (U. Paris Sud).

Didier Rémy participated to the IFIP working group in Boston in June. At this occasion, he visited Benjamin Pierce and his group at the University of Pennsylvania and David Walker at Princeton University.

Andrew Tolmach visited Microsoft Research, Cambridge, in october, as part of an ongoing collaboration with Simon Peyton Jones on lightweight concurrency in the Glasgow Haskell compiler.

Boris Yakobowski presented his PhD thesis work at the student seminar of ENS Paris.

Sandrine Blazy gave a talk about separation logic for C minor at PPS (U. Paris 7).


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