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Section: Other Grants and Activities

European initiatives

The Gallium and Gemo projects participate in an European 6th Framework Programme STREP project named ``Environment for the Development and Distribution of Open Source Software'' (EDOS ). The main objective of this project is to develop technology and tools to support and streamline the production, customization and updating of distributions of Open Source software. This STREP is coordinated by INRIA Futurs and involves both small and medium enterprises from the Open Source community (Mandriva, Caixa Magica, Nuxeo, Nexedi) and academic research teams (U. Paris 7, U. Genève, Zurich U., Tel-Aviv U.).

The Gallium project was involved in the European Esprit working group ``Applied Semantics II''. The purpose of this working group, and its predecessor ``Applied Semantics'', is to foster communication between theoretical research in semantics and practical design and implementation of programming languages. It ended in june 2006. Didier Rémy was the INRIA coordinator for this working group.


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