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We continued to organize a bi-weekly seminar called ``Formes & Formules''. The list of talks is available at .

Relations with LSIIT

We are in relation with the Laboratory of Sciences, Computer graphics and Teledetection of Strasbourg (LSIIT, UMR 7005 CNRS-ULP). Arnaud Fabre came in visit one week at GALAAD, visit during which he made demonstration of his achievements in the field of constraint modeling in 3D. He presented a software, CoyoteVR, which allows the modeling of geometric constraints in a virtual reality environment. Scenes built using this tool, are exported in a formalism defined by Julien Wintz, when they worked together, GCML which allow to define with ambiguity a geometric constraint system, using first order logic. Work between Arnaud and Julien lead to a plugin for the definition and the resolution of geometric constraint system in axel .

Julien has given, at the days of computer graphics french community 2006, in Bordeaux, a talk on the compilation of knowledge based systems for geometric constraint symbolic resolution. This work initiated before his PhD thesis, under the direction of Pascal Schreck, is continued as a collaboration, which will allow, according to the same principle, automatic compilation of plugins for Axel by using a syntactic base and a semantic base, possibly defined in GCML as well.

Two publications on the application of the compilation process for the generation of symbolic solvers of geometric constraint systems are currently in redaction. After the Afig days, Julien went one week in Strasbourg, which gave the opportunity was the occasion to work at the same time on the constraints plugin for Axel with Arnaud, and on compilation with Pascal. A discussion with Ludovic Sternberger is to define how, porting Axel towards virtual reality can be performed.

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