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Other Grants and Activities

Section: Other Grants and Activities

National actions

ANR DECOTES, Tensorial decomposition and applications

Years: 2006-2009.

Partners: I3S, CNRS; LTSI, INSERM; GALAAD, INRIA; SBP, Thales communications.

In signal processing, where high-order statistics are used for blind identification, in data analysis, in sensor array processing, in machine learning, ... tensorial decompositions plays an important role. The aim of this project is to study the key theoretical problems of such decompositions and to devise numerical algorithms dedicated to some selected applications.

ANR GECKO, Geometry and Complexity

Years: 2005-2008

Partners: ALGO, INRIA; GALAAD, UNSA; LIX, Ecole Polytechnique; Univ. Paul Sabatier, Toulouse.

The topics of the project are the study, analysis and implementation of fundamental operations on matrices and polynomials, methods for the resolution of polynomial or analytic equations. It combines numerical analysis, effective algebaric geometry and complexity. See for more details.


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