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Section: Other Grants and Activities

European actions


Participants : Lionel Alberti, Laurent Busé, Stéphane Chau, André Galligo, Bernard Mourrain [ contact person ] , Jean-Pascal Pavone, Jean-Pierre Técourt, Julien Wintz.

See the acs project web site .

- Acronym: acs , number FP6-006413

- Title: Algorithms for Complex Shapes.

- Specific Programme: IST

- RTD (FET Open)

- Start date: started 1 s t May, 2005 - Duration: 3 years

- Participants:

               Univ. Groningen (Netherlands) [coordinating site]

               ETH Zürich (Switzerland),

               Freie Universität Berlin (Germany),

               INRIA Sophia Antipolis (Galaad & Geometrica),

               MPI Saarbrücken (Germany),

               National Kapodistrian University of Athens (Greece),

               Tel Aviv University (Israel)

               GeometryFactory Sarl

- Abstract: computing with complex shapes, including piecewise smooth surfaces, surfaces with singularities, as well as manifolds of codimension larger than one in moderately high dimension. Certified topology and numerics, applications to shape approximation, shape learning, robust modeling.


Participants : Laurent Busé, Emmanuel Briand, Stéphane Chau, Mohamed Elkadi, Ioannis Emiris, André Galligo, Thi Ha Lê, Bernard Mourrain [ contact person ] , Olivier Ruatta, Julien Wintz.

See the aim@shape project web site

- Acronym: aim@shape, number NoE 50766

- Title: AIM@SHAPE, Advanced and Innovative Models And Tools for the development of Semantic-based systems for Handling, Acquiring, and Processing knowledge Embedded in multidimensional digital objects.

- Type of project: network of excellence

- Beginning date: 1st of january 2004 - During: 4 years

- Partners list:

               CNR - Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche,

               DISI - Universita di Genova,

               EPFL - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology,

               IGD - Fraunhofer,

               INPG - Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble,


               CERTH - Center for Research and Technology Hellas,

               UNIGE - Université de Genève,

               MPII - Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik,


               Technion CGGC,

               TUD - Darmstadt University of Technology,

               UU - Utrecht University,

               WIS - Weizmann Institute of Science.

- Abstract of the project: it is aimed at coordinating research on representing, modeling and processing knowledge related to digital shapes, where by shape it is meant any individual object having a visual appearance which exists in some (two-, three- or higher- dimensional) space (e.g., pictures, sketches, images, 3D objects, videos, 4D animations, etc.).


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