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Section: Overall Objectives

Overall Objectives

Our research program is articulated around effective algebraic geometry and its applications. The objective is to develop algorithmic methods for effective and reliable resolution of geometric and algebraic problems, which are encountered in fields such as CAGD (Computer Aided Geometric Design), robotics, computer vision, molecular biology, etc. We focus on the analysis of these methods from the point of view of complexity as well as qualitative aspects, combining symbolic and numerical computation.

Geometry is one of the key topics of our activity, which includes effective algebraic geometry, differential geometry, computational geometry of semi-algebraic sets. More specifically, we are interested in problems of small dimensions such as intersection, singularity, topology computation, and questions related to algebraic curves and surfaces.

These geometric investigations lead to algebraic questions, and particularly to the resolution of polynomial equations. We are involved in the design and analysis of new methods of effective algebraic geometry. Their developments and applications are central and often critical in practical problems.

Approximate numerical calculations, usually opposed to symbolic calculations, and the problems of certification are also at the heart of our approach. We intend to explore these bonds between geometry, algebra and analysis, which are currently making important strides. These objectives are both theoretical and practical. Recent developments enable us to control, check, and certify results when the data are known to a limited precision.

Finally our work is implemented in software developments. We pay attention to problems of genericity, modularity, effectiveness, suitable for the writing of algebraic and geometrical codes. The implementation and validation of these tools form another important component of our activity.


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