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Section: New Results

Periodic clock relations

Participants : Paul Le Guernic, Hugo Metivier, Jean-Pierre Talpin.

We try to extend the clock calculus of Signal with periodic dependencies between signals. These relations can be expressed with infinite periodic binary words. This sort of constraints is more expressive than the calculus on static dependency to represent the clocks dependency in the execution of the Signal program but more complex to extract.

We are working on a non-assisted method to infer the periodic dependency from Signal equations, or to prove property on Signal variables like an abstract interpretation. This method would permit to extend the set of programs accepted by the Signal compiler thanks to an automatic insertion of bounded buffer for the N-synchronizable signals.

In future work, the calculus with infinite periodic binary words could be use to analyse the scheduling of the instructions generated from a program Signal, and we could try to calculate an bounded time for the execution of the program for a set of instant.


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