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Section: New Results

Synthesis of latency-insensitive systems

Participants : Loïc Besnard, Paul Le Guernic, Julien Ouy, Jean-Pierre Talpin.

We are continuing our effort initiated in [45] to provide an implementation of weakly-endochronous or self-synchronizing systems in Polychrony. We have defined a class of reactive and deterministic Signal specifications that can be separately compiled and concurrently executed, allowing one to use Signal for simulating globally asynchronous locally synchronous architectures.

C code can be generated for such programs with just a few modifications to the existing Signal compiler. We are presently working on the definition of a (non-expensive) static analysis of such programs to determine which of them are self-synchronizing.

On a different path, we are exploring a way to compile thoseself-synchronizing programs into object-oriented C++ programs. Those programs are reactive, dynamically self-scheduled and able to support internal concurrency. We are working on simplifying the required scheduling runtime system and on finding the optimal granularity of code to schedule.


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