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Section: New Results

New features of Polychrony

Participants : Loïc Besnard, Thierry Gautier.

The focus of this year is the open-source release of the environment: all the data structures, classes, methods have been documented. The associated documentation is automatically generated using "doxygen" tool. Moreover, this year we have integrated all the sources (Signal batch Compiler, Graphical User Interface and Sigali) under Inria-Gforge ( ). The automatic production of the releases, on Linux , SunOS , MacOS X and Windows has been also developped.

A Java interface of some classes of Polychrony (written in C and C++) has been developped. Currently, only the higth level functionalities are provided. It is used by MBDA (Section  6.6 ) to define an embedded system design environment for the integration of heterogeneous components. Finally, the source of the Sigali tool has been reorganized to avoid the duplication of the code between the sigali engine and the solver part, used for controller synthesis.


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