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Section: Software

A meta-model of Polychrony

Participants : Christian Brunette, Thierry Gautier, Jean-Pierre Talpin.

We have developed a metamodel of Polychrony in the Generic Modeling Environment (GME) detailed in Sections ( 6.2 , 6.3 , and 6.4 .

These metamodels aims at providing a user with a graphical framework allowing to model applications using a component-based approach. Application architectures can be easily described by just selecting these components via drag and drop, creating some connections between them and specifying their parameters as component attribute. To complete this framework, we have developed, for each of these metamodels, GME interpreters to transform the resulting graphical model to SIGNAL programs, and so to test and compile them in Polychrony.

Figure 11. A meta-model of Polychrony in the GME


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