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Section: New Results

Computer Graphics (in collaboration with LIAMA)

Simple plant LOD models

In collaboration with Dr. Xiaopeng Zhang and its team in LIAMA, Marc Jaeger did collaborate on real-time single plants and stands visualisations. Several progress were gained on organ geometrical compression. Basis of the new proposed foliage geometrical compression lay in two aspects: leaf fusion, and hierarchical organisation of the fusion according to plant structure (low to top level). 3 publications and 1 poster were accepted on this topic in 2006.

Dr Zhang Xiaopeng and PhD Student came to France in November and December, in the frame of the ANR (MMDA) NATSIM project. Beside technical improvements, 3 papers were prepared for submission to JCST and one to Eurographics (work still on progress).

Rendering natural scenes

Other results were also gained both in LIAMA and in CIRAD (before M. Jaeger coming to INRIA) concerning realistic natural scene rendering. In LIAMA, PhD Teng Jun (under M. Jaeger co-supervision), did developed a new ambient-occlusion approach, linear (literature has only quadratic approaches), well suited for sparse geometrical objects, and especially tree crowns. Publication to conference was accepted, publication in journal is ongoing (deadline mid-february).

Philippe Decaudin, (INRIA EVASION, OIF Marie Curie hosted in LIAMA), did start his stay in LIAMA in October, working on voxel scenes defined from M. Jaeger's vegetation voxel digitalisation tools. This work should lead to new results in 2007. On the other side, M. Jaeger did develop a small post-processing tool, based on image +depth map + viewing matrix inputs. Tools involving post-processing shadows, depth of field, fog, snow, background insertions, image with depth mix where integrated in a friendly interface (Qt). Input may be generated by any 3D visualiser able to save picture frame, depth map (and potentially viewing matrix). This post-processing tool is currently used by Digiplante partners (LIAMA, ECP, CIRAD) for higher realistic images.


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