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Section: Application Domains

From single plant functioning to field functioning

Participant : P.H. Cournède.

The results on single plant growth modelling have to be extended at the field level, in order to attempt to simulate the crop production. This needs integrating the competition for light and for soil resources among the plants. This is undertaken at a mathematical level using the Beer-law, and at computer graphic level using radiosity. The field production is computed from the LAI and the canopy transpiration. Back to the single plant production this allows to monitor the plant development using the Q/D ratio.

Digiplante team works with Cyril Soler (Inria) for interfacing PlantRad software and GreenLab softwares. Results are to be published in 2006.

Figure 16. Functioning of a forest stand. Growth and Development of a single tree according to the spatial position.


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