Team Digiplante

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Scientific Foundations
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Section: Scientific Foundations

Towards a formalism for the GreenLab model

One of the first results of the Digiplante team was to give the frame of a mathematical formalism to the model. Such attempt has been undertaken a long time ago by the computer grammars named L-systems. Nevertheless this general formalism until now, doesn't take enough advantage about the botanical knowledge and about the biomass production and partitioning in plants. Starting from the equations of the model, Inria searchers have developed recurrence Grammars particularly suitable for the description of both development and plant growth. It gives birth to compact formulas with a high level of factorization that describes the plant development, growth, and architecture. The deterministic case firstly studied with J.P. Quadrat and M. Goursat is currently extended to the stochastic case, and to the case that manage the retroaction between growth and development, with the Digiplante team: (Kang, Cournede, Mathieu). The generating function of the system gives birth to the distributions of the number of organs and of the biomass variation. This is to be published in 2006.


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