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Compsys exists since January 2002 as part of Laboratoire de l'Informatique du Parallélisme (Lip, umr cnrs ens -l yon ucb -l yon Inria 5668), located at ens -l yon, and as an Inria pre-project. It is now a full Inria project since January 2004. The objective of Compsys is to adapt and extend optimization techniques, primarily designed for high performance computing, to the special case of embedded computing systems.

Section: Members

Head of the team

Alain Darte [ Research Director (DR) cnrs , HdR ]

Administrative assistant

Isabelle Antunes [ Part-time ]

Research scientists

Paul Feautrier [ Professor (Pr) ens -l yon, HdR ]
Antoine Fraboulet [ Assistant Professor (MC) Insa-Lyon, Inria delegation from September 2005 to August 2006 ]
Fabrice Rastello [ Research Associate (CR) Inria ]
Tanguy Risset [ Professor (Pr) Insa-Lyon, HdR ]

Post doc

Christophe Alias [ February 2006- ]
Sebastian Hack [ December 2006-December 2007 ]
Ouassila Labbani [ December 2006-December 2007 ]

PhD Students

Benoit Boissinot [ ens -l yon grant, 2006-... ]
Florent Bouchez [ ens -l yon grant, 2005-... ]
Nicolas Fournel [ mesr grant, 2004-... ]
Philippe Grosse [ Grant CEA-LETI, Grenoble, 2004-... ]
Alexandru Plesco [ mesr grant, 2006-... ]
Clément Quinson [ BDI cnrs and stm icroelectronics, 2005-... ]
Antoine Scherrer [ BDI cnrs and stm icroelectronics, 2003-... ]


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