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Section: New Results

Timed Concurrent Constraint Programming for Analyzing Biological Systems

Quantitative and partial information may help to better describe the behavior of many real-life systems. In the particular case of biological ones, the former is fundamental for description and experimentation purposes, and the latter allows to represent those facts that are not precisely known. Moreover, the dynamic nature of these systems makes the use of time in system descriptions a mandatory requirement. In [32] we have proposed ntcc, a timed concurrent constraint process calculus, as a convenient language to model biological systems. ntcc allows to describe both non-deterministic and asynchronous behavior, useful features for describing many scenarios such as unpredictable biological events. A crucial advantage of using ntcc is that interesting properties of biological models can be verified by appealing to its associated proof system. The advantages of following this approach are demonstrated by modelling the Sodium-Potassium pump, a cellular mechanism present in many live organisms.


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