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Section: New Results

Adjoint modelling and sensitivities computations for the Chernobyl accident

Participants : Arnaud Anantharaman [ ENPC ] , Romain Roehrig [ ENPC ] , Tej Ghoul [ ENPC ] , Marc Bocquet, Yelva Roustan.

Adjoint modelling and sensitivities computations have benn carried out for the Chernobyl accident. This work has been carried out as a research training period (IMI department of ENPC) for three of the ENPC students (advisor: Marc Bocquet.) This work aimed at building and validating several tools dedicated to sensitivity analysis of activity measurements with respect to many forcing fields, especially sources. A similar work had been carried out in 2004-2005 on the dispersion of mercury [Roustan, Bocquet]. The goal is to demonstrate that such an approach could also be applied on a radionuclide dispersion episode. Most of the work has focused on the computation of adjoint solutions related to wet deposition (the wet scavenging using a Belot or relative humidity parameterization.) In addition to the results obtained for the sensitivity analysis of the Chernobyl accident, this work can be understood as a prelude to inverse modelling of deposited activity.


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