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Section: New Results

Keywords : microcanonical multifractal formalism, turbulence, ocean dynamics.

Advection of singularity exponents and mesoscale ocean dynamics

Participants : Hussein Yahia, Antonio Turiel [ ICM ] .

A. Turiel has worked recently on the empirical estimation of turbulent diffusivity of a passive scalar with an experimental sequence made at Laboratory for Statistical Physics (ENS Paris). From the results, it is possible to define an effective concept of diffusivity associated to apparent advection's depletion at a given scale of observation. These results open a new way of research for the computation of the multi-scale motion field in ocean dynamics. Indeed, oceanographic turbulent data in the Fully Developped Turbulence regime show that, due to discretization, a passive scalar (like sea surface temperature) does not satisfy the conservation equation at the pixel level. Consequently, we start a study on the multi-scale estimation of the motion field in oceanic dynamics; the method is not based on a conservation hypothesis as it is the case in optical flow methods, but using quantities computed from the singularity exponents.


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