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Participants : Vivien Mallet, Meryem Ahmed de Biasi, Lin Wu, Denis Quélo.

Polyphemus is a modeling system for air quality. As such, it is designed to yield up-to-date simulations in a reliable framework: aerosols, data assimilation, ensemble forecast and daily forecasts. Its completeness allows to deal with many fields: photochemistry, heavy metals, radionuclides, etc . It is able to handle simulation from local to continental scale, with several physical models.

It is divided into three main parts:

Clime is involved in the overall design of the system and in the development of advanced methods in data assimilation and ensemble forecast (through drivers and post-processing). The main achievements in 2006 are:

  1. a strong improvement in the models interface,

  2. the implementation of optimal interpolation, ensemble Kalman filter, reduced-rank Kalman filter and 4D-Var,

  3. the release of Polyphemus 1.0 ( ).


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