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Section: Software

SODAS 2 Software

Participants : Yves Lechevallier [ correspondant ] , Marc Csernel.

The SODAS 2 Software [103] is the result of the European project called ``ASSO'' (Analysis System of Symbolic Official data), that started in January 2001 for 36 months. It supports the analysis of multidimensional complex data (numerical and non numerical) coming from databases mainly in satistical offices and administration using Symbolic Data Analysis [73] .

SODAS 2 is an improved version of the SODAS software developed in the previous SODAS project, following users' requests. This new software is more operational and attractive. It proposes innovative methods and demonstrates that the underlying techniques meet the needs of statistical offices. It uses the SOM (Self Organizing Map) library [81] .

SODAS allows for the analysis of summarised data, called Symbolic Data. This software is now in the registration process at APP. The latest executive version (version 2.50) of the SODAS 2 software, with its user manual (PDF format), can be downloaded at


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