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Section: Application Domains

Transportation Systems

Several years ago we acquired experience in the design and evaluation of control rooms for transportation systems (previous work mainly with railway systems and partners such as RATP, SNCF, RTM, etc.). Presently, major evolutions in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are linked to rapid changes in communication technologies, such as ubiquitous computing, semantic web, contextual design. An strong emphasis is now put on mobility improvements. These improvements concern both the quality of traveller's information systems for trip planning and the quality of embedded services in vehicles to provide enhanced navigation aids with contextualized and personalized information.

Since 2004, The MobiVIP project (cf. section  7.1.2 ) has been an opportunity to partner with local institutions (Communauté d'Agglomération de Sophia Antipolis - CASA) and companies (VU Log) and apply AxIS' know-how in data and web mining to the field of transportation systems (cf. section  6.4.7 ). Cooperation about car-sharing has also been initiated this year with CASA.

Let us note also past work published this year on a hybrid clustering approach to approximate fastest paths on urban networks [18] .


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