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Section: Other Grants and Activities

International Initiatives


In the context of the FEAST program, we collaborated with Ken Redd of the Deakin University on the application of classification techniques to time use data to identify lifestyle differences across societies.


We continue our collaboration on clustering and web usage mining with F.A.T. De Carvalho from Federal University of Pernambuco (Recife) and his team.


Y. Lechevallier pursued his collaboration with A. Ciampi (Univ of McGill, Montréal). Guy Cucumel, Professor at the university of Montreal (Canada), visited us during one month at Inria Rocquencourt. He participated to the FEAST projet with Ken Redd.

G. Lévesque, professor at the university of Montréal (UQAM, Canada) visited the team on June 14, Inria Sophia Antipolis.


Marie-Aude Aufaure collaborates with Yanwu Yang, Institute of Software Research, Beijing, on user modelling for the semantic web and Yves Lechevallier collaborates with Hueiwen Wang, BUAA, Beijing on clustering methods.


M. Csernel collaborated with the Bhandrakar Institute (India) and the Mahendra Sanskrit University (Nepal) (cf. section  8.2.1 ) and also via the consortium members of EuropeAid projet of Asia-Information Technology and Communications (cf. sections 6.2.5 and 8.3.1 ).


AxIS is involved in a France-Morocco thematic network in software engineering. In this context, B. Trousse co-supervises with Abdelaziz Marzark (University of Casablanca) a Ph.D. student: H. Behja (ENSAM, Meknès, Morocco). H. Behja spent several months with us for his thesis work. Mr. Marzark visited us for a week (july 16 - july 26). A meeting was organised at the University of Mirail on July 20th in order to prepare future France-Morocco collaborations. An R&D cooperation with Casablanca University and ENSAM (Meknes) is in progress (cf. section  7.1.4 ).


We maintained our contacts with the Computer Science department of the West University of Timisoara (Prof Viorel Negru), in particular via the SYNASC conference every year. We proposed a collaboration in the context of the Brancusi program on exploiting distribued calculus and grid computing for improving data mining algorithms.


Marie-Aude Aufaure and Yves Lechevallier are involved in co-supervision of masters and/or thesis (Riadi Lab, ENSI Tunis). These masters and thesis subjects are about web mining (usage, content and structure, using different methods) and ontology construction from heterogeneous sources.

Other Collaborations

New Zealand: Annika Hinza which leads the Information Systems and Databases Group at the University of Walkato (Hamilton, New Zealand) visited us at Sophia Antipolis on november 9th in order to identify future collaborations related to recommender systems in Tourism and transportation domains.


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