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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

Industrial Contracts

EPIA: a RNTL Project (2003-2007)

Participants : Semi Gaieb, Yves Lechevallier, Bernard Senach, Doru Tanasa, Brigitte Trousse [ resp ] .

Inria Contract Reference: S04 AO485 00 SOPML00 1

The EPIA project ``Evolution of an Adaptive Information Portal'' got labeled by RNTL 2002, and started on September 2003 until june 2007. Partners are Dalkia, Ever(Mediapps) and Inria.

The objectives of this project are the following:

The project was re-oriented mid 2006 in order to take into account Ever wishes and the future integration of and Net.portal in the eversuite software. This year we studied the trace engine proposed by Ever (written in Java), its use in the context of Net.Portal and the specification of a recommender system for information sources in this context.

MobiVIP: a PREDIT Project (2004-2007)

Participants : Sergiu Chelcea, Christophe Mangeat, Ghuilaine Clouet, Bernard Senach [ co-res.p ] , Brigitte Trousse [ co-resp. ] .

Inria Contract Reference: 2 03 A2005 00 00MP5 01 1

MobiVIP, Individual Public Vehicles for Mobility in town centers, is a research project of Predit 3 (Integration of the Communication and Information systems Group). It involves five research laboratories and seven small business companies (SME), in order to experiment, show and evaluate the impact of the NTIC on a new service for mobility in town centers. This service is made up of small urban vehicles completing existing public transport. The MobiVIP project will develop key technological bricks for the integrated deployment of mobility services in urban environment. The strengths of the project are:

  1. the integration between assisted and automatic control, telecommunications, transport modeling, evaluation of service;

  2. the demonstrations on 5 complementary experimental sites;

  3. the evaluation of possible technology transfer. .

In December 2004, we finalized in collaboration with B. Senach (Ergomatic Consultants) the deliverable 5.1 [108] which we coordinate with Georges Gallais (Visa Action, Inria Sophia Antipolis). This deliverable aimed at defining a common generic evaluation scenario and proposed a framework to facilitate the identification of the main evaluation dimensions for each planned test or experimentation. The MobiVIP Project has ended in June 2006 for most of the partners but has been extended up to June 2007 for AxIS and some others partners. This continuation will allow us to conduct a large scale experimentation which will start in January 2007 in Antibes.

This year we had two main tasks: 1) the preparation of the deliverables 5.2 [69] , 5.3 [71] and 2) the work related to the task 5.4 and the VU Log experimentation (cf. the task 5.5).

Eiffel ``E-tourism and Semantic Web'': a RNTL Project (2006-2009)

Participants : Marie-Aude Aufaure, Zeina Jrad, Cyrille Maurice, Yves Lechevallier [ resp. ] , Bernard Senach, Brigitte Trousse.

Inria Contract Reference: 105D1499 00 21173 01 0

The EIFFEL project related to semantic web and e-Tourism was labelled in 2006 by the RNTL program and started this year. Industrial partners are Mondeca and Antidot (leadership) and academic partners are LIRMM and University of Paris X (Nanterre).

The main goal of the Eiffel project is to provide users with an intelligent and multilingual semantic search engine dedicated to the tourism domain. This solution should allow tourism operators and local territories to highlight their resources; the end users will then use a specialised research tool allowing them to organize their trip on the basis of contextualised, specialised, organised and filtered information. Queries and results will be guided by user profiles extracted from usage analysis. These profiles will facilitate the access to distributed and highly heterogeneous data. In this project, AxIS is in charge of the sub-package SP8 and will define new paradigms dedicated to knowledge searching and visualizing, and will extract and exploit users' models and profiles from web logs. AxIs strongly collaborated with Bénédicte Legrand and Michel Sotto from LIP6.

Industrial Contacts

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